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Whats is GLTS?

Global Law Thinkers Society GLTS – a World Record Holder, Multi Professional Global Networking Platform. President Raoman Smita said, “We have created a Global Family”. This voluntary, charitable, non-profitable, non-political and social organization Headquarter in Bangladesh and has Chapters in more than 100 Countries. It has over 30 Categories Professional Network.
We BUILd Better World Together

Vision I Mission I Values

Vision: The GLTS will unite all as global family, build a green and peaceful world. GLTS wants to see proactive and empowered population. Under this platform everyone in the world leads own life, help each other to prosper.
Mission: Global Leaders Network, Youth Development & Empowerment, Active Citizen for Humanity, Establish Peace & Justice and Develop a Green World.
Values: Unity, Honesty, Good Behavior, Patience, Work & Help


1. To achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Establish sustainable world.
2. To create Global Multi-Professional Active Leaders Networking Platform where all can exchange knowledge, skills, ideas, culture and create opportunities.
3. Establish training and learning center to support, train and educate people and create opportunity for higher study and scholarships.
4. International career and employment
5. Youth development and empowerment
6. Build compassionate, peaceful and resilient leadership
7. Global summit, conferences, Promote youth leadership and their activities
8. Save, protect, Restore Environment and take climate actions.
9. Charity
10. Create world travel opportunities for young people and boundary free travel for all
11. Inspire leaders by Awarding various awards and honorary status and recognition for social development and leadership work.
we unite, we work side by side

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Formation : 01 September 2010

Legal Entity: Societies Act of Bangladesh

Registration: No.12447, 25 October 2016

Head Quarter: Bangladesh

Area of Activity: International

Type: non-political, non-profit, charitable and voluntary organization


To bring result based changes there is no option but to create legal awareness among people, work on positive mindset and deep thought process. This is one world and all need to unite to keep it safe and sound. From that point of view, this organization was named Global Law Thinkers Society. 

A legally aware person knows about his value and rights, stays disciplined and perform like an active citizen. And when this person get a positive mindset he/she only work for growth. He/she can be a resilient and compassionate leader. This person can create a peaceful life for him/herself and establish a peaceful world. When this person gets deep thought process, he will never harm anyone or not work for unhealthy competition rather helps others for improvement.

GLTS is transforming the deep root of all issues for a healthy-happy world.


Founders Raoman Smita and Ahsanul Alam John always thought for the society, children and young people welfare. They couldn’t tolerate all children are not getting a happy life that they deserve. They were worried for social imbalance. They thought if they can help children and young to be positive and empowered human being then these problems will solve automatically. They united and started working to bring positive mindset in young people so they all together can work building a happy and healthy world.  They started activities for children and young people from September 2010.  Inspired by their activities, their friends and relatives Khaled Masud Majumder, Jasmine Akter, Ekramul Islam, Sufi Al Mamun, Tousif Gaddafi Don, Shuvechchha Ahmed Kawtha, and Shirin Sultana joined their hands. They started impacting in young and adults. Later in 2016, GLTS completed the registration process and and take it to international level. It operated simultaneously with various international organizations in different countries of the world. In 2019, they organized 2nd South-Asian Youth Conference where 29 countries participated. Since then they never stopped and In 2020 they made it to “World Book of Records UK” by hosting the largest-longest online conference of young leaders from 100 countries.

“GLTS” seeks to establish an international family, where everyone help each other, work for growth and bring positive change in society. GLTS is building positive thought process in leaders through their activities. It united the global youth to protect the rights of all species.  “Global Law Thinkers Society” is designed to expand the scope of thinking of all aged people internationally, and then they can take appropriate actions and will be able to build a peaceful world.


Raoman Smita


Professionally a Lawyer and Life Coach. Achieved Global Youth Leader Award, Youth Icon Award and many more International, National recognition for her tremendous contribution to the society. She wants to build a positive world.

Ahsan John

VIce President

Professionally an Agro and International Business Expert. He completed Business Studies from London UK and came Back to Mother Land Bangladesh to support young generation and their empowerment. He is the founder General Secretary of Fish Farmers Association and CO of Polli Food Farms

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