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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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+880 1755991488



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GLTS Power Board

Mahin Meherab Aunik

Cheif Operating Officer, COO

A Lawyer and Educator in Profession. A youth leader committed to serve the people and world. He is also CO of GLTS “Law Force” to establish peace and rights.

Mahir Daiyan

Deputy Director, DD

A Youth Leader, doing graduation in Environment. He is committed to Develop a Green World. He is also CO of GLTS “Green United Nations (GUN)” and Country Leader of GLTS Bangladesh.

Hasibul Islam Hasib

1st Joint Director, JD-1

A youth activist and studying BBA. He wants to build a skilled and empowered young generation through education and learning.

Asif Ayoob

Director, International Affairs

Goodwill Ambassador-IIMSAM, UN ECOSOC observer

Md Ramjan Hossain Rony

2nd Joint Director, JD-1

Environmental activist and doing under graduation.

Monir Hossen

Director, Research & Project Management

Research Assistant, Centre for Advanced Social Research.
University of Chittagong


Director, World Women Force WWF, Uganda

Social Activist, Uganda


Principal Director, GLTS English Club

Ph.D Scholar, P.G. & Research Department of English, Bishop Herber College, India

Arunavo Paul Shopno

Director, GLTS Cultural Club

A youth activist and student. He is expert in multicultural activities.

M.A.H Rafsan Jani

Director, Bangladesh Youth Org. Network

Founder, YOUTH 360

Azin Aneez

Director of Global Youth Org. Network

Social Activist and Student, USA

Md Jannatul Islam

Director, Global Media Affairs

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Digital ID Numbers

1.Mahin Meherab Aunik : CPB-202019919760

2. Mahir Daiyan :

3. Hasibul Islam Hasib : CPB-202220014536

4. Md. Ramjan Hossain Rony

5. Asif Ayoob

6. Monir Hossen : CPB-202219951994

7. Syrah Kalungi

8. L. Santhosh Kumar

9. Arunavo Paul Shopno : CPB-202220048543

10. M.A.H Rafsan Jani – CPB-202219981250

11. Azin Aneez – CPB-202220055620