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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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+880 1755991488




  • Mujib Year Celebration
  • Peace & Leadership Movement
  • Conference, International Speakers
  • Flag Hoisting & National Anthem Chorus
  • 64 Districts (BD), 100 Countries
  • Debate and Eassy Competition
  • Health & Nutrition camp  for Children

“Proud Bangladeshi” -a Youth Leadership Movement for PEACE & CHARITY on the occasion of the centennial birth anniversary (Mujib year) of the founding leader of Bangladesh- Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and to-

  • Introduce history of great leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Positive Bangladesh throughout the world.
  • Establish Peace through Resilient and Compassionate Leadership
  • Build unity and promise to build a better world
  • Nurture patriotism in the heart of all Bangladeshis around the globe
  • Health Camp and Charity for Children Nutrition

100 Countries foreign young leaders, Bangladeshi young leaders from 64 Districts and Bangladeshi Emigrants will participate in this movement by wishing Father of the Nation and giving their message through videos.

Project Tenure: 15 September-31st January 2021

Movement: 15th September – 30th November 2020

Event Date: 16th December 2020, Victory Day of Bangladesh

Charity & Health Camp : 20th December -31st January 2021

Media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all other online media

Program Type: Online Movement, Conference, Charity

Targetted Region : 64 Districts (BD) and 100 Countries

JOIN Peace & Leadership Movement

বাংলাদেশিদের জন্যঃ 

আপনার জেলার ভাষায় নিচের বক্তব্য বলে ৩০ সেকেন্ডের ভিডিও করবেন।

“শুভ জন্ম শতবর্ষ, জয় বাংলা, জয় বঙ্গবন্ধু!” এবং দুই লাইনে উত্তর দিনঃ বাংলাদেশে শান্তি রক্ষায় আপনি কি করছেন?

ভিডিও, নাম ও জেলার নাম ইমেইল করে দিন:  proudbangladeshi20@gmail.com


Record a 30 Second video saying following terms:“Shuvo Jonmo Shoto Borsho, Joy Bangla Joy Bongobondhu!”(Translation: Happy 100  Years of Sheikh Mujib) And Answer in two lines : What are your activities to keep peace in your nation?

Email us your Video, Name & Country Name: proudbangladeshi20@gmail.com


  • Peace
  • Future Leadership for Peace
  • Resilient and Compassionate Leadership
  • Leadership for Youth
  • Global Leadership
  • Climate Change and Action

If you are a Speaker and want to contribute your Speech for Social Change, Application Closed.

Your Little Help Can Make Thousand Smile!

For 30 Days we will run nutrition awareness, charity and health camp for 1000 Children who are less fortunate.

If you are kind and want to give a child healthy life, donate today!

Please Contact : +8801755991488 or

Email Us proudbangladeshi20@gmail.com