Head Quarter

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Contact No.

+880 1755991488



Theme Highlights: Youth Economy I Sustainable Economic Growth I Entrepreneurship I Crisis Management I Green & Blue Economy

Panel Discussion Objectives:

  1. Covid 19 Response : Economic crisis identify and management
  2. Global Work Opportunities for youth
  3. Economical Growth through green & economy
  4. Entrepreneurship Mindset and Activity
  5. Future Opportunities for youth

Plenary Session: There will be 3 panel speakers and 4 segment of the session.

  • 1st Segment: Speakers Speech
  • 2nd Segment: Q/A
  • 3rd Segment : Participants share views, thoughts and ideas.
  • 4th Segment: Youth Opportunities Declaration

Participants Guidelines:

  • Participants can ask questions in question answer session.
  • Participant can share views, thoughts and ideas in 3rd segment.

Speakers: Coming Soon

Date: Coming Soon


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