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A True Leader and His Responsibility

It is very easy to claim yourself as a good leader.  However, the characteristics of a good leader are not only to manage his team, but also to be able to manage very well.  A truly good leader is always looking for knowledge and trying to learn something new.  Always try to give his best. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way. Here’s how a leader works.

 Replacing an example to reach the goal: –

 If a leader wants his team to perform well and his team will reach their goal very well.  Then he must replace the example in front of the team.  When a member of the team sees that his leader is adopting a high quality modern method to reach the goal, then naturally that member of the team will not be indifferent to his work and the team members will want to satisfy the team through their work.  The team should move forward by setting a specific goal. A good leader always enjoys the opportunity to develop positive leadership skills.  To this end, he personally conducts research or participates in various training courses.  Talking to many responsible leaders or leaders, it is known that if a leader can lead his team well, then the whole team benefited .

 Always on the lookout for new information: –

With the rise of technology or the constant advancement in all fields , it is very important for a leader to keep himself ready as everything is updated.  A true leader knows that a leader has to provide new information all the time, so that he can use that information in the management of his team.A good leader always seeks knowledge. Also the leaders who are always collecting new information can easily deal with any problem in their workplace.  Because his collection contains a lot of information.  Also if you are a leader, your knowledge will reflect your team members.

 A good leader must take responsibility for his work: –

 If a team member makes a mistake, he or she may be reprimanded for correcting it.  But a good leader must be held accountable for his own and the team’s mistakes.  This is why a good leader learns all the time.  As if he can easily solve any problem.  As his reputation grows, so does his team.

 Good education helps to keep our brain sharp and calm: –

Good education can be helpful in your life.  Education strengthens your brain, which helps you to adapt to any situation.  Good education is very important for adapting and understanding the environment and things around the environment.  So a good leader always wants to get a good education.  As if he can understand the surrounding environment and adapt himself to it.

 It is very important to know the character of the people around you: –

A good leader has to be empathetic towards every member of the team.  Sometimes he has to be treated harshly and build a great relationship with them with his skillful behavior.  That is why it is very important for a skilled and good team leader to understand the mental state of every member of the team in order to lead his team.

 Understanding the mindset of team members is very important for a leader:-

 It is imperative for a good leader to get proper education about anthropology, psychology and sociology.  Because if he can accept these teachings.  Then he will be able to understand how his employees are doing, what kind of behavior they are doing and what things are especially important for them.  Every human being should consider every moment of life as an educational life.  Especially in the case of good and skilled leaders there is no substitute for education in both his personal life and career.

 A good leader has to manage both his family life and career efficiently:-

 Only leaders who are always interested in learning can grow in life.  There is no age limit for education in human life.  A good and efficient leader can learn in many ways in this modern age.  If he searches online for the subjects he is interested in learning, he can easily learn online or through various mediums.

Finally, ask yourself, Are you a leader or want to be a leader! In this case, if the answer is yes, then keep moving forward!  And if the answer is no, then keep trying to be one!

Writer: Anis Uddin, District Leader, Global Law Thinkers Society


2 Responses

  1. Dear,
    Thank you for your message.

    First of all a male wrote this article based on his view. This is no way male biased in that case. A male can use “he” for his male friends and that never means he is discriminating against women. “Leadership” itself is a neural term even if you define as he or she, never matter. But if you feel so you can write for women’s leadership. and send it to us. we will publish your views.
    Equality is not based on the term “He” or “She”. It’s about understanding and respecting each other. There is no competition between “he” and “she” rather He+She is for lifting each other together.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I thought if he / she was always used in writing then the writing would lose its style. That’s why I avoided it. But intentionally I didn’t want to write any gender bias writing.

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