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The United Religions Initiative (URI Netherlands), an organization in the Netherlands, has signed an agreement with the Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS)-an organization in Bangladesh to develop women’s health practices, especially menstrual health management, as well as financial development of women through training in the manufacture of menstrual products.

The Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) is a world record holder, non-profit, non-political, voluntary social international organization committed to building youth leadership, peacekeeping, economic freedom and a greener world.

The agreement is organized through an online ceremony. URI Netherlands’ Chairperson Johanna Soemintra Rambaran, Secretary Lesley Boocock, Treasurer Carol Anne Hanchard-Goodwin and GLTS were represented by Founding President Raoman Smita, General Secretary Ahsanul Alam John, Deputy Director Mahir Dayan and GLTS Leader Troyee.

As a result of climate change, sea level rise in Bangladesh is forcing women to take pills to stop menstruation due to lack of clean water. As a result, they are facing severe health issues and physical complications. On women’s health and financial empowerment, Raoman Smita said, “Healthy childbirth depends on the good health of women. Women in Bangladesh are at serious health risk due to climate change and are not health conscious. Also financial poverty weakens them overall. Therefore, through this agreement with the Netherlands, Bangladeshi women will get an opportunity to become health conscious, learn to make sanitary napkins and become financially independent by marketing them.” Lesley Boocock, secretary of URI Netherlands, said, “We will conduct activities in Bangladesh through the Global Law Thinkers Society for women’s health protection and financial liberation. In addition, we hope to conduct activities on the education system, ensuring the role of women, children and youth in protecting the environment and peace.”

According to the agreement, the organization of the Netherlands through GLTS made multi-faceted action plan including research, workshops, international conferences etc. to play a role in the overall development of Bangladesh.

The Basic terms for this agreement are as follows:

  1. That this MOU aims to provide a framework to work together towards disseminating and implementing in URI Cooperation  Circles, and other grassroot organisations, projects that URI and GLTS have  developed; and describes the terms for both organizations to collaborate in fostering and learning to live together within their constituencies to enhance interfaith collaboration and action and advocacy and time to time based on necessity may decide by the parties.
  2. That the parties will conduct concern research, projects, programs, events, workshops, conference, campaign activities etc. together that serves the purpose of the partnership. Such as Jointly organize training workshops and conferences such as ‘Women’s Rights in Suriname  – belief in meeting’ and ‘Menstrual Poverty’  etc.
  3. That the parties will support each other for fulfilling the purposes.
  4. That the parties will collaborate for any other purposes, issues, programs or projects that are mutually agreed.
  5. Collaborate to promote education for learning to live together that enhances interfaith collaboration and action within their constituencies and outside;
  6. Work together to advocate for children and youth participation in fostering learning to  live together and global citizenship;
  7. Support the implementation of programs with women, children and youth;
  8. Disseminate good practices of implementation in their different communication channels;
  9. Support marginalized groups/ Cooperation Circles, who are respected and upholding accordance with national and international laws, treaties and agreements;
  10. Support the living environment and marginalized groups/ Cooperation Circles with respect to violence against nature and the crime of Ecocide.
  11. Use of respective logos and other promotional material.
  12. That the parties may create separate agreement additional to this agreement to serve purposes.

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