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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere forms the first goal of the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda. It calls for ensuring social protection, enhancing access to basic services, and building resilience against the impacts of natural disasters which can cause severe damage to people’s resources and livelihoods.

Panel Discussion Objectives:

  1. Introduce this Goal to our youth
  2. Covid 19 Response : To support the poorest and most vulnerable
  3. Create Awareness.
  4. Find Out Challenges Bangadesh is facing
  5. Identify problems
  6. Find solution
  7. Youth leadership and Participation
  8. Opportunities for youth

Plenary Session: There will be 3 panel speakers and 4 segment of the session.

  • 1st Segment: Speakers Speech
  • 2nd Segment: Q/A
  • 3rd Segment : Participants share views, thoughts and ideas.
  • 4th Segment: Promises Made by all

Participants Guidelines:

  • Participants can ask questions in question answer session.
  • Participant can share views, thoughts and ideas in 3rd segment.

Speakers: Coming Soon

Date: Coming Soon


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