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BANNED Notice and Decision by GLTS

Date: 15 August 2021                   


It is to inform that, Mr. Vinay Kumar Tolambia, who is holding the position as Appointed Mentor and GLTS wing, Youth Empower School YES, took actions which is completely violation of the rules, regulation, policies of Global Law Thinkers Society- A non-political, charitable, voluntary organization for youth development and empowerment, establish peace and green environment. He broke peace of the organization and brought indiscipline, extremism, extreme nationalism and fundamentalism. He violated the oath he has taken under GLTS.

He is declared BAN from the GLTS NETWOK and we declare cancellation of his all positions, certifications and awards given to him by GLTS. This declaration is applicable from 16th August 2021, 12.00am.

Very serious complaint against him we received from many leaders and the executive board came to the above decision to stop his further mischievous actions immediately.

He interfered in the internal matter of the organization. He provoked few Bangladeshi leaders against the COO of Global Law Thinkers Society and influenced extremism, grouping and politics in the organization where GLTS is a Global Organization to create a Global Platform for growth.

He was continuously improperly harassing the President and pushing to recruit leaders from only his country nationals and his choice for his personal benefit. He was forcing our system to organize such kinds of programs only for his fame and was asking to give him award without any valid reason. He has created unhealthy, unethical competition in his personal life with other organization he mentioned to the President and was forcing her to invite those members for programs to showcase his pride.

As a Mentor he was influencing following matters:

  1. To remove the leaders from GLTS Zone Punjab, Jaskaran Singh, Umang Batra because they commented something on social media Facebook platform which was against his opinion. He also called them opposition supporters of his concerned country and GLTS must remove them which shows a political influence and against GLTS rules.
  2. To remove Goodwill leader Asif Ayoob calling him fundamentalist.
  3. To remove COO Mahin Meherab calling an extreme nationalist and wanted to take this position after he deliberately made good relation with him and buttering him but saying opposite to other leaders. Which is against GLTS behavioral rules.
  4. To remove USA leader Cali Fae and suggested to replace with his concern country national who lives in USA.
  5. To remove Yuvraj Trivedi. He demean him, called him a child for the position though he was recruited from Central and while the President defended, praised his dedication and about his family background he started forcing to replace him with his person.
  • He also was pushing to recruit members of only his country nationals as representatives from other countries and his supporters which indicates his bad intention of grouping in the platform which is against GLTS rules.
  • He was suspiciously entering the meeting of the GLTS Central management team, GLTS Bangladesh team and was interfering in all internal issues and departments to turn according to his ways only, establish his rules and regulations that benefits him only and trying to dominate all leaders even though he was instructed and warned verbally not to and what he was doing completely out of his duties and responsibilities.
  • He was completely against all recruitment recommended by the GLTS India country leader Deepak as he always was irritated and never supported his leadership as he always did unhealthy competitions with his own fellow members and other hand, he was creating collision among each other. He complained about every member recommended and recruited by Deepak and wanted to replace with his man.
  • He was instructed to prepare modules for YES training institute to train leaders but he kept the whole process inactive and was making the department to work for him and serve his promotional duties. According to his duties and responsibilities he was supposed to work on development but he was more into stalking many leaders’ personal lives and disclosing bad way to others.
  • He was buttering very improper way and also told lies to others about the President that she is his best friend which is incorrect, unprofessional and improper in an organization and showing off his powers to other young leaders as being friend of the President and tried to get entrance in the departmental data access.
  • He also tried to spam and sent fishing links in the mobile phone of the President to know some personal data and believing Mr. Vinay she entered in that link and her personal data got disclosed to him. Introducing himself as a life coach to the President, he always tried to get personal and organizational information from President and even though she stopped asking any help he was influencing to disclose matters.
  • When the president stopped contact with him by his misbehavior, improper attitude and asked the Deputy Director to take care his matters, he started to create more chaos in between Bangladesh and India leaders to take revenge against the President and started playing with political sensitive matters.
  • He disclosed sensitive issues publicly and intentionally, created chaos and indiscipline in organization.
  • He defamed GLTS publicly.
  • Even though he was instructed verbally to issue his certificates as a trainer to enlist under YES school but he never submitted. And when the president asked him to give in a meeting he made it a chaos, disrespected the President and influenced other leaders against her.
  • He was being over friendly with many leaders convincing them that he is a life coach and NLP master and was collecting personal information.
  1. He was pushing the GLTS Bangladesh team to make their event partner with his concern connection for his own personal benefit of promotion and show off to others. And when they didn’t make his concern country partner he started misbehaving with the leaders. On GLTS Bangladesh event day he intentionally entered in the management meeting at 8am Bangladesh time even though his slot was in different time and stayed all day and even attended late night meeting of Management committee unusual/suspicious way. Created a chaos afterwards and a cyber-attack had happened and IDs of two co-hosts were hacked.
  2. He broke the peace in GLTS and tried to create political extremism in GLTS.

So, observing the whole issue, it is necessary to take immediate step. The executive body and power board together voted on banning to save GLTS Platform peaceful Growth and stop extremism and chaos between countries and members Mr. Vinay Kumar Tolambia is trying to create.

Signatures/ GLTS Executive Body and Power Board


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