Head Quarter

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Contact No.

+880 1755991488



GLTS Objectives:

GLTS is working to build a happy world by changing the mindset of the people. Here are the objectives in action:

  • To create sustainable world and achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  • To create Multi-professional international network.
  • To establish an institute of learning and training.
  • To provide higher studies and scholarship opportunity.
  • To establish trade hub for entrepreneurs and business holders.
  • To create International career and employment opportunity.
  • To establish Youth Wellness Center.
  • To organize Global conferences, summits, events, workshops, programs etc.
  • To establish Environmental protection, climate action and animal research and support center
  • To conduct charity for humanity and world development.
  • To create world travel opportunities for young people and boundary free travel for all
  • To inspire leaders by giving awards, certificates, honorary status and recognition.
  • To establish legal research and support center.

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