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The GLTS English Club hosted a global committee meeting on 26 December after completion of the successful program “English for Environment” on the topic “Revamping the displaced Landscape of Nature”.

In the meeting Principal Director Mr. L. Santhosh Kumar, Indian Ambassador Dr. Madhvi Borse, Pakistan Ambassador Mr. Awais Raza Memon of GLTS English Club and Raoman Smita, President of Global Law Thinkers Society attended the meeting. They set goals for 2022 to empower and develop youth by bridging the English Language, Literature and social work.They will conduct monthly webinar, Competitions and also  Journal publishing, organize international conference on gender Equity and create a hybrid (virtual and actual) English networking platform worldwide.Mr. L. Santhosh Kumar said, “We want to unite professionals on the subject of English and give them this platform for a wide range of cultural diversity. So, each individual gets opportunity to contribute for a world development at the time of this pandemic crisis and inspire children and youth same.Dr. Madhvi Borse said that she wants to connect Indian children and youth to the global platform of English Learning so they can grab more international opportunities and contribute for India.Mr. Awais Raza Memon said, as of now we have connected to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, we will expand our network to all across the world. Only better communication and understanding can help establishing a peaceful world.GLTS President Raoman Smita said, beauty of leadership lies in unity and helping each other to grow. We are in a mission of building a better world for us and for future generation.Meeting ended with the plan of year ending tree plantation program among India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


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